Our Founder


For as long as I can remember I have loved coffee. From a young age my parents always drank it and I fondly remember the smell of it brewing in the mornings as I would get ready for school. As an adult it quickly became part of my morning ritual that I looked forward to.

I got into roasting coffee because I never met a bag of store bought coffee that satisfied me. I was introduced to the world of fresh roasted coffee and it was a game changer for me. The flavor is hands down incomparably better than what you can get off the shelf in a store.

As I tasted my way around the globe I knew this was too good to keep to myself. I needed to share this experience with others.

Our Process


We partner with importers across the country in search of the best specialty coffees to roast and deliver to your cup!


Our roaster is a fresh air roaster which suspends the beans in air roasting the bean consistently from the inside out. This process is believed to make for a smoother cup of coffee.


You might have guessed we love coffee too! We take every chance to taste and quality control our coffee as well as sample new
beans from around the world!

Our Passion

Coffee with a splash of class.

Life’s too short to drink boring coffee.

Who is Mr. Dapper?

Mr. Dapper is a nickname that was given to me by some long time clients and the name just stuck. I wanted to name the company after that because it pays homage to my attention to detail and drive for perfection. When I think of something that is dapper; I think well put together and thought out. I want to give my customers that experience not just coffee but a brand to remember. I look forward to
welcoming you to our Dapper Family!

Flavors From Around The World

Featuring a bright spectrum of flavors and essences.

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