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Roast Names – An Origin Story

Ever walk into your local coffee shop pick up a bag of craft coffee and wonder, what the heck is a “City” Roast? There is a lot of conjecture and obscure sources, but City Roast typically refers to a Medium flavor profile. So with that in mind Half City would be a the Mild side. Full City is toeing the line of Medium to Dark and Full City Plus even further. Much past these we get in  your darker Vienna and even Espresso levels.

Coffee has been ingrained in US history dating all the way back to the early 1700’s. It was introduced by the Dutch and quickly was adopted as “the” drink in New York City.

Coffee played a big role in our countries birth. For example the Boston Tea Party – which was an open revolt on Tea taxes;  due to the importation of coffee by the Dutch there was not a tax on coffee. So in Boston after the events of the Tea Party coffee became the drink of independence.

The term City Roast is believed to derive from the standard of coffee enjoyed in NYC – see also American Roast or New England roast similarly.

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