Brew Methods

Coffee can be prepared by various different brewing methods that use different extraction principles.

  • Percolation:┬áHot water is percolated through a bed of ground coffee thats contained in a filter.
  • Pressure: The pressure generated by this method favors coffee extraction. Try it out!
  • Immersion: In this brewing method, coffee grounds are left to infuse in hot water before being filtered
  • Cold Brew: Coffee is extracted slowly and gently by using cold water and/or ice.


This iconic equipment was patented in 1941, it features an hourglass shape that functions as a dripper and a carafe.

Ideal for those who love sweet coffee that is round and extraordinarily clean.


French Press

The traditional immersion coffee maker gives the drink a unique texture letting oils and small
sediments filter into the cup.

Ideal for those who love an intense and aromatic coffee.


Moka Pot

A symbol of the Italian coffee tradition that has won over the hearts of coffee lovers from all over the world.

Ideal for those who love an intense & full-bodied coffee.


Pour Over

Available in various sizes and models, it acts as a support for a cone-shaped filter in which coffee is extracted.

Ideal for those who love a very aromatic coffee with well-defined notes.